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Instructions to Say I Love You In French

Anytime is the right time to say I love you when it is sincerely meant. These are instructions to say I love you in the melodic French language.


I Love You In French



European languages are smooth, romantic and captivating when they are heard. The French words “I love you ” are full of romance when spoken with sincerity. Be ready to have some wonderful sounding words come out of your mouth as you learn your message to say these words of love.



The French words take a little practice, but I will help you learn the actual words with some guidance. Any foreign language takes patience, so as you are reading this, practice as you go along since repetition is one of the keys to mastering many things and this is one of those.



The word for I is “je”. It is said like you are shivering and with a very slight “G” sound. Say it slowly so you almost drag the word along. French people spend time with their words and you should too. With a romance language like French, let the words flow and don’t force them.



Feel the words of the I love you statement. To learn the word love is the French word “aime”. It is pronounced like aim without being too hard sounding. Again drag the word so it seems longer than it really is in reality. Remember this is a foreign language of love and romance.

Pronouncing the last part of the I love you is the tu which is said just like the number 2. Again let the softness of the “tu” be slowly said and soften it. Your tone is important since it adds feeling to the word.



Putting these all together, the French have moved the words around so you do not say the I, as we do. Nor is the rest of the statement as we would put it together in English. I love you in French is said: Je t’aime. The “u” on the tu is dropped and then the apostrophe takes its place.

The love comes at the end rather than in the middle as in the English language. Enhance these words by a gentle look on your face as you say these words “I love you” to someone. Relaxed facial muscles will carry your French words very well. Celebrate the fact that you are saying je t’aime to a special person.


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