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Owning a Basset Hound : Breeder Recommendations

After much consideration, you have finally decided to purchase a Basset Hound. Now that you know the breed of dog you want, your next decision will be to purchase a dog as a family pet or one that will be used for show. Obviously, the criteria in each case would be different.

The good news is that most reputable breeders develop high quality puppies that would be great pets or for show. However, some breeders have fewer requirements for Basset Hounds being sold as pets, meaning for show, the dog would have flaws not considered acceptable.

Just keep in mind that these cosmetic differences have no impact on the dog’s ability or personality.

Owning an Basset Hound


The Guide to Owning a Basset Hound

The best way to get started in finding a good, healthy Basset Hound is to locate a reputable breeder. For this, check with the Basset Hound Club of America (BHCA) or you might ask your veterinarian for references to local Basset breeders.

With a good breeder, he or she can work with you, helping you choose the exact puppy for your needs. After all, this individual has had time to watch the puppies, learning each personality.

While we discourage buying any breed of dog from a pet store since there is no control of whether the dogs actually came from puppy mills, the Basset Hound is definitely a dog that should come from a qualified breeder. In fact, the very health and future of a Basset puppy relies heavily on the knowledge and care of the breeder.

Many times, the Basset Hound puppies sold in a pet store and small and sickly. This means you go home attached to an adorable creature, only to be hit with the high cost of veterinarian bills to bring the puppy to wellness, or the puppy dies.

When you get ready to buy your new Basset Hound, you want to meet with at least three different breeders. You will likely be amazed at the various conditions and attitudes, which will show you a good breeder from a not so good breeder.

While there, ask tons of questions. You want to know about the bloodline of both parents, learn about socialization of the puppies, testing and certification through a reputable veterinarian, guarantees, experience, you name it.

One thing to consider is if you plan to keep your Basset Hound only as a family pet, then you might think about going with a rescue dog. Most often, these dogs lost their homes due to families moving away, jealousy over a new baby, people changing jobs and not having adequate time for care, and so on.

While you might run into a situation where the dog has been abused, meaning this particular dog would need some serious patience, most are loving pets just looking for a loving home.


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