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Owning a Brittany Spaniel : Breeder Recommendations

If you want a wonderful pet, one that is smart, loving, gentle, energetic, funny, and healthy, you cannot go wrong with a buying a Brittany Spaniel. These dogs have been around for a long time, used in both Europe and America primarily for hunting.

However, people have discovered the even temperament of the Brittany, now finding the dog also makes an exceptional family pet, or companion. Since the Brittany is great around children, dogs, and cats, its popularity has increased over the years.

Of course, the key with any dog to include the Brittany Spaniel is that you should only buy from a reputable breeder. This means the individual has planned carefully to ensure liters include healthy, happy, and energetic puppies with little to no defects.

While you could probably save some money buying from a pet store or through a private party, you want to be very careful in that you have no guarantee as to the bloodline or socialization. However, with a reputable breeder, the dog would be raised in a loving, disease free environment.


Owning an Brittany Spaniel

One of the most important aspects of buying a Brittany, especially if you plan to use the dog for hunting, field trial competition, or show is to see both parents. In addition, the breeder should willingly offer you information pertaining to the puppy’s bloodline, as well as testing for hip dysplasia, eye disease, luxating patella, and other problems specific to this breed. You should also find the breeder just as interested in you as you are of him or her.

That means that you should go to the breeder armed with tons of questions. You want to ask about the dog’s parents, but also the environment in which the puppies were raised, the breeder’s qualifications, guarantees, and so on.

On the other hand, the breeder should be just as interested in your purpose for buying the puppy, where you live, type of environment in which the dog will live, children and other pets in the home, and so on.

Now, if you are looking for a Brittany Spaniel to have for a family pet or companion, then you might consider any number of reputable rescue centers. Unfortunately, Brittany Spaniels along with other breeds end up in rescue situations for a number of reasons.

For instance, it might be that the dog was treated cruelly, it could be that the owner died or had to transfer somewhere and could not take the animal with him/her, or perhaps someone purchased a beautiful dog only to find there was not enough time in the day for required training and exercising. Regardless of the reason, Brittany rescue offers another opportunity for owning this beautiful breed.


Owning a Brittany Spaniel : Breeder Recommendations


The most important thing if you go with a breeder is to find one that has been breeding this particular dog breed for a long time, someone that understands the history, temperament, health risks, and so on. A good breeder will go out of his/her way to learn as much about the dog being bred as possible so this information can be used in the business but also passed down to potential buyers.

Remember, the Brittany Spaniel is one breed of dog that literally thrives on human contact. This breed is sensitive, loyal, protective, and a wonderful family addition. Therefore, the breeder would want to know about the number of people in the home, the age of the people, and the number of hours the dog would be left alone each day.

The Brittany also needs daily exercise. Therefore, if the breeder were to discover a potential owner were a disabled individual not capable of providing exercise, he or she would be strongly discouraged from buying this breed.

In addition, while the Brittany Spaniel is not a heavy shedder, it does need to be groomed. The Brittany has longer feathers on the legs, which would need to be clipped on occasion. The dog would also need to be brushed daily and bathed about once a month. The area around the ears would also need to be trimmed, helping prevent ear infections or mats.

Again, if the individual was not able or did not have the time or means to have this breed groomed properly, the breeder would probably not sell the puppy. As you can see, it is the breeder’s responsibility to make sure his/her puppies are a good match for the home and lifestyle you would provide, not being judgmental but a good breeder that cares about the puppies raised.


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