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Simple Boxer Shorts Sewing Patterns For Men and Boys

1. Men’s Boxer Shorts Sewing Pattern

Joanne L. from Craft Passion designed this simple sewing pattern to make a pair of boxer shorts for the men in your life. In just a few hours you can machine-sew a pair or two of these shorts to get your son ready for school or college, and your man ready for work or play.


2. Upcycled Boys Boxer Briefs Sewing Pattern

Sew a Straight Line offers this free pattern to make a pair of boys boxer briefs from recycled clothes. You can make the simple sewing pattern by hand or machine in just an evening; so don’t throw away those old shirts and skirts. Upcycle them into underwear your boy can use.


3. Appliqued Boxer Shorts Sewing Pattern

Add a little quilting to a pair of ready to wear boxer shorts by appliquing a special message that only your man can see. Great for Valentine’s Day and birthday gift-giving; and makes a nice personal touch for groomsmen gifts!


Simple Boxer Shorts


4. Easy Boys Boxer Shorts Sewing Pattern

Choose your boy’s favorite fabric prints to make this easy boxer shorts sewing pattern that’s ideal for beginner sewists. The neat thing about this free project is that it is adjustable up to adult size with a few simple changes in the pattern.


5. Men’s Boxer Shorts Sewing Tutorial

This 5-part sewing tutorial gives you detailed pictorial instructions from start to finish on how to make a pair of men’s boxer shorts. Designed by men for men, the free sewing tutorial is offered by Male Pattern Boldness.


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