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Steps to Making a Sorority Banner

Have you ever driven past sorority houses and see huge beautiful banners hanging from the roof tops. Have you ever wanted to know how you can make one for your tailgate, office or for parties.

Now you can. Follow these easy steps.


Steps to Making a Sorority Banner


1. Buy Fabric

You are going to want to buy a yard of fabric from your local arts and crafts store. The one I always use is Hobby Lobby. Find where they keep the rolls of fabric and have them cut out yard by yard pieces of fabric from a white or off white roll.


2. Find a Design

Go through the internet to find images of what you want to go on your banner. If you are wanting to build a banner for your local tailgate then find your school’s mascot online. Be sure to save all your pictures to your computer.

Also, if you would like lettering on your banner, go to Microsoft word and type out your message in the font you want. Be sure to save this on your computer as well.


3. Find a Projector Screen, Printer and Transparency Sheets

After you have your images saved on your computer, you are going to want to print them on to transparency sheets. Transparency sheets can be found at any local office supply stores. Make sure the printer you are using is a laser printer. If you don’t have a laser printer, your local copy and ship or Kinkos will help you.

After you get your designs on to the transparency sheets, it is now time to find a projector screen. Since projector screens are kind of dated, it might be hard to find these. The easiest way is to call your local libraries, local schools and local churches. They usually have one on site that you can borrow at its venue.


4. Start Tracing the Image

Once you have found your projector screen, put your transparency sheet with your image so it is projecting against a wall. Then take your piece of yard fabric and tape it against the wall where your image is being projected.

You might need to adjust the projector until it is the right size on the sheet. After you get your picture situated, get a number two pencil and start tracing the image on to the fabric. Outline every detail just like you see it one the wall.


5. Start the Paint and Glitter

After you have copied your image on to the fabric it is time to paint your picture. It is recommend that you do this in a garage or outdoor setting. Make sure you have a drop cloth underneath just in case the paint bleeds through.

Be sure to use acrylic paint when painting on fabric. Acrylic paint in all colors can be found at your local arts and crafts stores. After you have painted your picture, feel free to use glitter to spice it up. It is recommended, but not necessary to let the glitter dry over night. Once the glitter is dry, shake off the remaining glitter in to a trash bin or empty box.


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