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The Top Five 2021 Halloween Costumes For the Whole Family

Halloween Costumes For the Whole Family


1. For Men

Halo Master Chief, any member of the A-Team,any character from the Kick-Ass movie, Captain Jack Sparrow, Mad Hatter, Jake Sully from Avatar, Thor or Viking Warrior, Vampire.


2. For Woman

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Lady Gaga, Neytiri from Avatar, Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Vampiress, any of the Disney Princesses, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, good or bad witch.


3. For Kids

Boys: Harry Potter, Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman and Wolverine, Aang the Last Airbender, Karate Kid Girls: Hannah Montana, Tinkerbell, Vampire, any Disney Princess, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.


4. For Babies

Pink Poodle, pumpkin, Lady bug, Sock Monkey, Minnie Mouse, Sweet Pea and Lil Monster, Lil Pirate, Raggedy Ann or Andy, Lil Ballerina, Sweet Pea from Popeye.


5. For Dogs

Bee, devil, pirate, hot dog, dog rider (which is a miniature cowboy or jockey riding the dog), Dog the Bounty Hunter, lion, ballerina, Elvis and pretty much any costume that can be made from using a cap.


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