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The Top Five Beautiful Things About Bermuda

Things About Bermuda


1. Scooters

Rent a scooter to travel around Bermuda and see the scenic landscape sights of this tropical paradise. When you secure your motorized bike, you are given a helmet for safety along with a map so you can find your way around the roads.

Get some fresh air, have some fun and see exactly what you wish when you decide to stop your scooter. The scooters are economical to rent and use less gas than a rental car. The road ways are scooter friendly so are a safe way to sight see your selected spots. These scooters are easy to learn how to drive and are limited to low miles per hour capacity making them a really good way to travel and sight see Bermuda.


2. Docks

You would not think to enjoy the docks everywhere, but Bermuda has some of the world class cruise ships that allow passage for a look around the ship for a nominal fee. Sometimes you are permitted to some docked ships for no fee. This invites tourists to see the cruise ship docked to contemplate a vacation with the ship for another holiday trip. The passengers are mostly on shore for the time the cruise ship is available for the public to look at the majestic dining rooms, the massive upper decks and the bars and entertainment centers.

Going below the upper decks is not permitted since some passengers might be in their staterooms. Docks are a fun place to watch the ships come into slips to allow passengers off for ports of call.


3. Perfume Factory

Some of the most lovely scented perfumes come from Bermuda.One is called Lily, which I have had for 48 years. It is just as beautiful smelling today as the day I bought it. Go to the perfume factory and get an education how perfume is made, bottled and sold to the public.

Consider buying some perfume for yourself and someone who would enjoy your thoughtfulness of the present of some perfume. You will learn a lot at a Bermuda perfume factory.

4. Steel Band

Steel bands in Bermuda produce some of the loveliest music sounds you will ever hear. The musicians enjoy their melodies that fill the air as the scents of flowers mingle with those beautiful tunes. Bring a CD home with you so your memories can have that sound you enjoyed so much while you were in Bermuda. Talk to the steel band members to learn so much about their talent and instruments too.


5. Beaches

Bermuda beaches are known around the world for their sometimes pink and soft beige color tones. The cashmere colored soft as silk sand covers the Bermuda beaches for every ones pleasure. The water will be warm, so if you want to take a dip, you will enjoy the mild temperatures at the Bermuda beaches. Scents of tropical flowers fill the sea breezes for a great reason to enjoy the Bermuda beaches.

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