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The Top Five Characteristics of Quality Writing

Ever online writer knows that to be successful, he needs to produce quality writing–and nearly every writer believes he is producing it. But what does quality really mean when it comes to writing?


Quality Writing


1. Quality Online Writing Has Substance

Just because an article is short doesn’t mean it shouldn’t contain substance. Substance is the meat of your work. It gives the reader something to sink his teeth into and something to bring away from your writing. If your writing doesn’t provide the reader with information or evoke emotion, it probably lacks substance.


2. Quality Online Writing Addresses a Problem

Online readers seek answers to their problems. Your job as a writer is to provide those answers. Sometimes, that may be as simple as providing a good laugh to someone who seeks entertainment, but typically it involves meeting a need for information to complete a task, learn more about a topic or to improve their life in some way.


3. Quality Online Writing Has Clear Concise Prose

Quality writing is clear and concise. Each sentence leads toward the main focus of the piece. Typically written in the active voice, quality writing leads the reader in linear fashion to the main point.


4. Quality Online Writing Can Be Verified

Quality online writing can be verified. Facts and figures are attributed to their source so the reader knows exactly where your information came from. Opinions are fine, but should never be presented as fact.


5. Quality Online Writing Is Error Free

Okay,so some errors are inevitable–but quality writing is as error-free as possible. Work has been proofread, spelling has been checked and revisions have been made.


Tips and Warnings
Defining the quality of writing isn’t always easy, but there are some things experts agree effect quality. By following their advice, you will soon be on your way to a successful writing career.


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