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The Top Five Duties of the Best Man

The best man has important duties for the wedding. The spirit of his job is to help the groom have the best wedding possible in any way he can. You’ll also sign the wedding certificate as an official witness, but I put in getting the groom to the wedding as a more important rank, so this one didn’t make the list.

Duties of the Best Man


1. Throw the Bachelor Party

Throw an awesome bachelor party that the groom will really like. You know him well, so make it a surprise if he likes surprises. Invite all of his best buds. It’s your responsibility to keep everybody safe and be the designated driver.


2. Get the Groom There

This is a biggie. Not only do you need to get him there, but he has to be on time, which means a little early. The groom must also be dressed perfectly, and be completely sober. All of that is your responsibility. Encourage the groom to do these things. Go pick up his tux, remind him of the time, and do anything needed to make it happen.


3. Hand Him the Ring

Bring the ring to the ceremony. Have it ready at the appropriate moment. Your job is to hand him the ring so he can put it on the bride’s finger. This duty is easy and essential.


4. Pose For Pictures

Be ready to pose for a million pictures. Be cooperative, and have fun while doing it. Remember that these wedding pictures will exist forever, so pose well!


5. Toast the Newlyweds

Prepare a toast. There is nothing more low class than a best man who stands up and has nothing memorable to say. Don’t be that guy. Take the time and effort to prepare a toast that wishes the newlyweds well. Practice your toast many times. When you deliver it, make it seem quite natural. Toast the couple from your heart.

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