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The Top Five Easy Handmade Christmas Gifts For the Craft Challenged

We all want to make special handmade items to give to our loved ones. It really is the thought that counts. If you are as craft-challenged as I am–take hope! This is not an all inclusive list. This was meant to get your creative juices flowing. We aren’t all artists and we aren’t all seamstresses. You, too, can make beautiful handmade Christmas gifts.

Handmade Christmas Gifts


1. Candy Sundae

This can be made in 30 minutes or less. Just get an ice cream sundae glass, candy, pins and styrofoam and voila–you have a wonderful gift.


2. No Sew Scarf

Gather yarn, ribbon, beads lace and measuring tape and scissors. You can whip up a beautiful creation just by putting several strands together and tying knots.


3. Burn a Mixed CD

If you are familiar with the recipient’s music tastes, this is a wonderful gift. OR make a CD of you singing or playing the guitar or piano. Get creative.


4. Make a Movie

Write a play or a poem or a paragraph and film yourself acting in the play. Or, write a commercial about what you like about the person and video it.


5. Make a Fleece Blanket

I have made at least five fleece blankets. All one has to do is buy three yards of fleece in one color and three yards of fleece in another color. Get a rotary cutter and cut strips and tie them together. Just search on any search engine for how to make fleece blankets. You can make one in four-five hours.

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