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The Top Five Freelance Writers You Should Know and Why

With thousands of online freelance writers, you may find it frustrating finding the best ones you should know and follow. Here are my top five freelancers and why you should follow them, too.

Freelance Writers


1. Amy Laine

If you need to learn more about writing or finding grants, Amy Laine’s the one for you. A professional grant writer and disability advocate, Amy shares her knowledge. Read a few of her articles and you, too, can feel confident writing your own grant proposals. You’ll find her as amylaine on List My Five, eHow and Squidoo.


2. Diane Cass

Want to learn more about buying, selling or collecting antique silver? Diane’s your woman. She also writes on Art Deco and cooking with new and itneresting ingredients. Find her on freelance writing sites List My Five and eHow as dlcass.


3. Lynn W

Need ideas on homeschooling kids? Or fun and educational stuff to do with your kids? Lynn specializes in homeschooling and homeschooling children with special needs. Check her out as EclecticEducation on Squidoo and as lynnhsmomof2 on eHow and Blogger.


4. Pajamamommy

If you can’t get enough of Maureen from I’d Rather Be Blogging, check out PajamaMommy. Though a new freelance writer (and I just randomly found her a few days ago), be prepared for your kids to ask why you’re laughing so hard. Find her on List My Five.


5. Pam Irie

Cross Martha Stewart with Rosie the Riveter, and you’ve got Pam Irie. I had the pleasure of meeting Pam at a writers conference last year and stayed up way too late one night laughing my head off.

Not only does is Pam a freelance writer for sites such as eHow (veryirie), she blogs with a specialty in recycling and upcycling. As someone who’s completed several of her unique DIY projects, Pam’s blog is a must read for anyone who wants loves crafts or wants to learn how to blog with a flair.

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