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The Top Five Gifts any Woman Would Like

Men sometimes say, “I don’t know what to get you.” It’s not really that hard, but let’s give them a few clues so they can start Christmas shopping before Christmas Eve.


1. Earrings

Notice the ones she’s wearing. Do they dangle or are they small stones? Look for ones in the style that you see her wearing. The person at the jewelry counter can advise you based on how much you plan to spend.




2. More of Her Favorite Scent

Nuzzle up to her neck and inhale. Say, “I love what you’re wearing, what’s it called.” Go to the store and check out that brand. If the perfume is too expensive, look at the bath powder. Stick to the name that she gave you.

More of Her Favorite Scent


3. Tickets For Two to a Show

Pick out something to match her taste. If you aren’t sure, ask her sister or her best friend what she would really like. Avoid making it a male oriented outing, even if she said she liked the mud wrestling or the drag racing the last time you went.

Tickets For Two to a Show


4. A Spa Gift Certificate

What woman wouldn’t love being pampered for a few hours or a whole day at a spa. The gift certificate can be for just a massage or for the complete treatment.

A Spa Gift Certificate


5. Flowers

If she likes gardening or has lots of houseplants, then she’ll like a plant or gift certificate to a nursery. If not, then you can’t go wrong with a big bouquet of flowers (unless she’s allergic).



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