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The Top Five Items to Make Your Own Devil Costume

With just these five items you can make your own Devil costume and look great at any party, while out trick-or-treating or while just hanging out with friends. This is a great costume and easy to put together on short notice. Make your own Devil costume when you’re in a bind on Halloween.

Make Your Own Devil Costume


1. Black or red clothing

Black or red clothing is an expected staple when you make your own Devil costume. A short, red dress is a great Devil woman outfit and simple jeans and a black T-shirt can make a good unisex Devil costume.


2. Horns

Horns are just as expected as the red or black clothing when you make your own Devil costume. Horns applied to the forehead using a facial adhesive often look the most impressive and can have more impressive turns and curves than the traditional, small stump horns you find on headbands. Horned berets also work well if you don’t want to use a facial adhesive.


3. Unnaturally colored contacts

Cosmetic contact lenses may not be something you think about when you make your own Devil costume, but they can really be the finishing touch. All black contacts or all white contacts can create the most striking and demonic appearance for a Devil costume.


4. Fangs

Fangs may be more commonly associated with vampires, but in combination with a good pair of Devil horns, no one will mistake you for a vampire. In many stories, movies and television shows, demons have fangs so it is very appropriate for a Devil costume.


5. Facial hair

Goatees are common when you make your own Devil costume. Grow your own or get a good, fake goatee with a latex facial adhesive.


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