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The Top Five John Irving Books

1. The Cider House Rules

The Cider House Rules

This is not only John Irving’s best book, but in my humble opinion, the best book period. The Cider House Rules is the tale of Homer Wells, a young orphan who never gets adopted but who adopts himself out to a young couple who come to the orphanage that delivers babies and mothers. Homer makes his way out into a bigger slice of the world and finds a home after all, all told with John Irving’s wit and wisdom.


2. The World According to Garp

The World According to Garp

T.S. (Technical Sargent) Garp is born to a single mother, a nurse and feminist, whose unorthodox rearing of Garp makes for a life like no other. John Irving’s comic genius comes pounding through in this delightful read.


3. Until I Find You

Until I Find You

Even though, or maybe because of the fact that this book is highly autobiographical, John Irving’s telling of a tale of a boy seeking his father works. Jack Burns is the alter ego of Irving with many side by side comparisons that make this extremely lengthy tome a pleasure to work through.


4. Last Night in Twisted River

Last Night in Twisted River

This is John Irving’s latest novel that, like Until I Find You, appears to be autobiographical in many aspects. It starts with a dramatic tragedy that follows a young boy and his father through their lives. So many deaths and hurts sprinkled through make this a sad book, with one character making it to the end.


5. The Hotel New Hampshire

The Hotel New Hampshire

The Berry family move to Europe to run a hotel. They keep bears. The kids rule the roost, and Sorrow floats. This sad, wise, and funny novel is set in Vienna where all of this makes perfect sense under Irving’s deft hand.


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