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The Top Five Mirror Personality Traits

A Mirror personality has some unique points that might seem familiar to you. Long before the labels of today’s disorders were named, these personalities existed. Behaviors of these personalities have not changed much, however the intensity of them has in some cases.


1. Study

A person with a mirror personality studies another individual to the point they know a lot about the actions and likes as well as dislikes of another too. It is quite often an easy going person that the mirror personality copies since those people are open books for feelings and emotions. The person being studied is also a constant, even keeled person, so the valleys and peaks are not difficult for the mirror personality to follow.



2. Self

The mirror personality leaves their own traits in the back ground because they concentrate on not being themselves very much at all. In essence they sometimes lose their identity because they are actually wanting to leave what they have become. The mirror personality sees the traits of the other person as award winning characteristics they wish to own for themselves.



3. Transfer

Transferring all the energy to be so much like the person they are trying to mimic becomes easy for a certain duration for a person with a mirror personality. The ease becomes difficult when the person is not able to transfer as often or as strong as they wish. The mirror is a reflection and not the true self of the mirror personality.



4. Actions

The actions are not always pleasant ones that a person with a personality disorder called mirror personality will show. The dual way the person replicates another person causes some upsetting times, anger, discontentment of accomplishment of the task they set out to do, just naming a few.

4. Actions


5. End

There is an end, since the mirror personality is not really like the person they are mimicking. The mirroring person either discovers they are not as they have been acting to be or the close person they have been mimicking realizes the absolute changes to be so similar to their own traits. Either of these, when uncovered, brings the mirror personality back to reality; to the person they truly are.



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