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The Top Five Most Important Relationships In Life

We may differ on a few of these, or the order in which I am have them listed, but most will agree with at least three out of the five.


1. God

To those who believe in God, there is no question that nothing and no one is higher or more important than God. God is life and God makes life worth living, even the difficult and painful times. A relationship with God is top on the list in importance. Even for those who do not believe…there is nothing more important!



2. Spouse

If you are married, next to God, the most important relationship in life is your husband or wife. This is the one you promised to love, honor, and be true to until death. This person is a part of who you are and of the utmost importance in your life. (If you are not married, you can move right on to #3.)



3. Family

It may be your children, parents, siblings, or extended family, or all of these, but the family that we have been placed in (or the family that has been placed with us) is a very important part of our world. Some may even consider their “church family” in this mix.



4. Friends

Anyone who has ever had a true friend knows that a good solid friendship is of great value, importance, and is something quite rare. In order to have a good friend, we must first be a good friend. A true friend is surely a valuable treasure.



5. You

Finally we get to you! No need to worry about being last on this list. The very fact that you were given life makes you incredibly special and important. Feel good about yourself.

(Within the confines of true humility and without taking yourself too seriously though…ok?) Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually please. If not, you will never be able to really appreciate and enjoy God, Spouse, Family or Friends!



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