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The Top Five Non Writing Jobs For Freelance Writers

There are times when even the best freelance writers are unable to find work. Instead of fumbling through the most positive of rejections, writers have many other options, other than writing, that will utilize their unique skill and talent.


Freelance Writers


1. Editing

Freelance writers often edit the work of others during “down time.” Between writing gigs, writers will use their “editor’s eyes” on all sorts of projects written by other writers. This is a great way to pick up some extra income.


2. Workshops/Seminars

Freelance writers are often great teachers and find that holding writer’s workshops and seminars are profitable and fun. Writers are able to narrow down the type of workshops they have such as online writing, fiction or poetry.


3. Tutor

Tutoring students is a great way for freelance writers to work between writing assignments. Writers can tutor elementary students in reading or language arts and even college students in literature or English courses.


4. Public Speaker

Freelance writers often make great public speaker. Because of their understanding of the written word, they are able to convey it extremely well into the spoken word. As you might guess, public speaking can be quite profitable.


5. Researcher

Freelance writers are usually great researchers. They can be hired to research family trees, historical events for other writers and even “dig up some dirt” for private investigators.


Tips and Warnings
Freelance writing is not always one writing gig after another. Very often those writing assignments come in spurts. When a writer is between spurts, there are many ways to keep their income flowing.

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