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The Top Five Nose Piercings General Care

1. Finding a Piercer

Have a chat with your piercer to ensure they have a lot of knowledge about piercing and aftercare. Check to see their room is clean, and take a look through their portfolio.


2. The Healing Period

It can take up to 4 months for your piercing to heal. During this time remember to keep the are clean, eat lots of zinc and vitamins and leave the jewelry in. You can use an ice pack, or over the counter anti inflammatory to deal with the discomfort.


Nose Piercings


3. Cleaning

Clean your piercing two or three times a day with a saline solution made from a quarter teaspoon of rock salt in half a pint of boiling water left to cool. Always wash you hands before cleaning. Saturate a cotton bud in the solution and clean the inside of your nose, then use a fresh cotton bud dipped in the solution to clean the out side. Finish up again using a clean cotton bud to dry the area thoroughly.


4. What to Avoid

We know it’s really tempting, but don’t forget not fiddle or play with the piercing. Avoid using makeup or any beauty products around the area.


5. Care Tips

Keep you jewelry in at all times during the healing period, if you need it changing during this time please contact your piercer. If you suspect you have an infection, continue to clean 2-3 times a day and contact your piercer for advice.


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