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The Top Five Planets in the Solar System

Solar System


1. Earth

It’s humankind’s only home and number one by default. There is still so much to be explored on Earth, especially in the oceans. It will be many many generations before people can find another planet (or moon of a planet) to live in.


2. Mars

Mars could be the humans’ second home one day. The chances for transforming Mars to a habitable planet is much higher than other planets in our solar system.


3. Venus

Making Venus habitable is way more difficult technically. But there is a point when Earth and Venus’s orbits come close enough to make trips from Earth to Venus faster than any planet.


4. Jupiter

Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons could have an underwater ocean that could support human life. This makes Jupiter the 4th best planet in the Solar System.


5. Saturn

Saturn’s moon Titan is the only moon with significant atmosphere (nitrogen and methane) and full of potential for great discoveries such as life and a place for humans to live in. Of the five planets on the list it takes 3 to 7 years to travel from Earth to Saturn using current technology.

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