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The Top Five Reasons For Getting Google Public Service Ads on Blogs or Websites

I was making money off my blogs pretty good there for a while until I realized that I was only getting Public Service Ads (PSA) on my blog. I had to do a bit of research, but I finally got the problem straightened out so that Google has replaced the dreaded PSA with the appropriate ads on my blogs. The below are the top five reasons for PSA on blogs that I stumbled upon in my quest for more gold.

It took me forever to figure out why I was getting PSA on my websites but, after a lot of research, I finally got to the bottom of the problem. I’m hoping this list of reasons for Google PSA on blogs will help you cut to the chase.

Google Public Service Ads


1. You’ll Get Google PSA If You Place Too Many Urls In Your Blog

This was the issue with me. Backlinking is great but, evidently, if you add too many URLs at one time, Google will strike the appropriate blog ads and place PSA. I was attempting to market my senior citizen lists and eHow articles on my blog and placed 30 links in one page. Too many. Took me 14 days to figure this out.

If you suddenly get Google public service advertisements on your blog, think about what post was the last one before you noticed the ads. Chances are good that you might have triggered the URL limit.


2. If You Have a Newer Blog, It’s Possible That Google Hasn’t Caught on Yet

Google bots crawl the web every second of every day to view websites and classify it appropriately (sometimes…). It’s possible that the Google bot just hasn’t been to your blog yet. You can submit the URL directly to Google to kind of tell Google to come over and see ya in a bit. Without submitting the URL directly to Google, it might take as long as 48 hours for the Google bot to wander by.


3. You Have Content on Your Blog or Website That Is Not Appropriate In Google’s Eyes

Google attempts to protect its advertisers from advertising their goods on websites which have inappropriate material, such as illegal activities, child pornography, or is even offensive to certain populations.

Now, you might not have done anything wrong; it’s possible that spammers have entered your website or blog and placed vile information in the header or footer, unbeknownst to you. To check to see if there is hidden inappropriate material, view the HTML code. Look for anything that could be considered lewd, sexual or anything you didn’t place on your blog. Delete the code and you could be back in business.


4. Your Website or Blog May Have a Disapproval Rating or Google May Need More Information

To check and see the exact status of your blog, you’ll need to log into Google adsense. It might be that you just need to complete information such as your phone number, social security, or EIN numbers.


5. You’ve Selected Google Image Advertisements Only

Google has a limited number of image ads only and there may not be any ads available suitable to your website or blog. In this case, the PSA ads are just filler. Change your preference to show text ads or text and image advertisements to fix this problem.

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