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The Top Five Rules For a Strong Relationship

These are 5 rules that I think are, or at least should be, common sense to keep a strong relationship.

If you remember and follow these Top 5 rules to keep your relationship strong, you and your partner can have a long, strong and loving relationship. Good luck.


Strong Relationship


1. Respect

If you don’t treat your partner with respect, they can safely assume you don’t actually respect them. If you don’t respect your partner, why are you even in the relationship? Give respect, get respect.


2. Honesty

So many men and women are in denial about the fact that lying by omission is still lying. Lying and hiding things from your partner will always lead to the destruction of the relationship. Be honest with each other.


3. Trust

If you don’t trust your partner, your relationship will not survive. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Love matters, but trust will make you or break you.


4. Acceptance

You have to accept your partner for exactly who they are. If you are trying to change the one you claim to love, they will resent it. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted just as they are.


5. Communication

You and your partner must communicate with each other. Do you know what is bothering them or how their day went? Ask. If you have differences, you need to talk them out. Problems left unsaid can cause couples to drift apart. Don’t let that happen to your relationship.


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