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The Top Five Seo Tips For Bloggers and Website Owners

Getting your site ranked in search engines is not rocket science. However, like anything else, it’s easier in theory than in practice. Taking the steps above to get higher rankings can be done rather quickly and can produce fast results. Results can often be seen within a few days.

Seo Tips


1. Good Title Tags

Good SEO begins with good Title Meta Tags. Using “Home” “About Us” “Location” etc isn’t helpful. Title Tags show up at the top of the browser. This spot is where you’ll see the fastest results in changes to your SEO, and your relevant traffic.


2. Human Description Tags

By “Human” we mean that it’s something a human would write to another human. Too many website descriptions are just lists of keywords spewed out into a web form. Descriptions show up in search results, and can be the reason a searcher selects your page over a competitor.


3. Unique Quality Content

As web designers, we have seen a lot of websites put together using other companies’ content. Not only is it stealing, but it isn’t helpful. Search Engines are “smart” enough to find duplicate content on the internet, and only give credit to the original author.


4. New and Fresh Content

This is where blogging comes into play. A 5-page static website is no longer enough to be relevant online. Having an industry-related blog naturally will draw in traffic, but is also great for targeting keyword phrases that your main site is lacking.


5. Building Links back to your Site

Backlinks, or links pointing to your site from other locations on the internet, are a very solid way to get your site to rank for specific keywords. Backlink campaigns can run from affordable to very expensive, so finding the right company to help is vital.

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