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The Top Five the Top Five Things Not to Do on a First Date

Many people walk away from a first date with the feeling that there won’t be another one. They often wonder what happened?

Manners will get you to the second date and perhaps even a relationship. Here are the top five things not to do on a first date.


1. Don’t Chatter Endlessly About Yourself

You don’t have to tell your date how nervous you were or spill your guts about your previous bad relationships. Think about some of the topics that you could talk about before you go and keep the conversation light.

Although telling someone about yourself is expected on the first date pay attention to your date and ask them about themselves.

Don't Chatter Endlessly About Yourself


2. Dont’ Be Late

Being prompt creates a nice first impression. If you can’t help showing up late for your first date then at least call at first chance to let them know. It’s the polite thing to do. Don’t.

Dont' Be Late


3. Talk With Your Mouth Full

It’s disgusting and most likely you won’t get a second date. If you discover that you both talk with food in your mouth it may be a match made in heaven. Hopefully you will love to stay at home.

Talk With Your Mouth Full


4. Don’t Use Your Cell Phone

Once you meet at the determined location, turn off your cell phone or at the very least put it on vibrate. The rudest thing you could do is talk or text unnecessarily while your date is dying for your attention.

If you have to use your phone for business or babysitter, it is good manners to excuse yourself and at least walk a few steps away for a few minutes, keeping the call short.

Don't Use Your Cell Phone


5. Don’t Over Do It

Don’t wear too much perfume or makeup. Don’t dress to the extreme whether it be sexy or grunge. Don’t give out too many compliments or criticisms. Shocking is distracting from the real you.

Don't Over Do It


Tips and Warnings
In short be yourself. If you try too hard on a first date it shows. Being considerate and kind goes a long way to finding someone to love.


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