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The Top Five Things I Hate About Other Women

Love thy self and remember to tell another woman how great she really is today and everyday.


I Hate About Other Women


1. Not Raising Boys to Be Good Men

Ladies, let’s be honest there is a LOT of really bad men in the world and behind every bad man is a mother. Mothers play a huge role in their son’s lives and the way they treat women can be the result of their good or bad relationship with their mother.


2. Going After a Commited Man

Why is it that a woman is attracted to a commited man and basically will throw herself at him? Here is the deal ladies, if a guy is willing to cheat on someone, he WILL cheat on you too!


3. Bringing Other Women Down

Women need to support each other and not bring each other down to make themselves look better. Be happy for your friend who has lost weight, gotten a promotion or is in a happy little marriage. Jealousy is a terrible waste of time and will only bring you down in the end.


4. Eating Disorders

Why do women have more eating disorders than men? A doctor will tell you that it is the one thing a person can control in a otherwise uncontrollable world, meaning “What goes in, and what comes out”. Stop acting like babies trying to avoid the potty chair and take back control of your life, if this is your only way of getting attention, you need a new hobby or a voice.


5. Women Rock

Listen up ladies this is important: A man is usually good at one or two things, while a woman can do virtually everything we put our minds to. You do not NEED a man to fulfill you, you are a God given gift and men should respect and love you for just being you!


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