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The Top Five Tips For Online Writers Who Add Backlinks

Adding links to your online work or the work of others is important to getting indexed on search engines. The more links the search engines are able to find makes it more likely they will pick up your work. This is extremely important when writing for ad/traffic revenue sites.


Add Backlinks


1. Relevance

Make sure your backlinks are relevant to the topic. Do not add a backlink about cheese to an article about fixed low rate credit cards. Readers who click on backlinks are wanting more information about that particular topic.


2. Evergreen

The backlinks that you use should be “evergreen.” Online work may be read for years, even decades, and adding backlinks that will withstand the test time is always best.


3. Working

Double check that your backlinks are working and will actually lead the readers to your work. Try to keep track of where you use backlinks and go back to make sure they are still working.


4. Enjoyable

Add enjoyable backlinks to your work. Put yourself in your readers place and ask yourself if you would be interested in and enjoy where the backlink leads. If the answer is no, do not add the backlink.


5. Profitable

Make your backlinks as profitable as possible. Add backlinks to your relevant work that are on ad/traffic revenue sites that will be making you money for years to come. Niche writers should not be shy about adding several backlinks to one article.


Tips and Warnings
Adding backlinks of your work to articles is a great way to gain exposure online. Use them wisely and watch how quickly your work will be indexed by search engines. Then, watch your income increase!


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