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The Top Five Traits of a Gemini

Gemini is an astrological sign that represents people born between May 21st and June 21st. If you are a Gemini, or you know a Gemini, here are the top five traits of Geminis you might want to know a little more about.


1. Geminis Are Blessed and Cursed By a Dual Personality

Geminis Are Blessed and Cursed By a Dual Personality

“The Twins” represent the astrological sign of Gemini. This makes sense as Geminis are kind of like twins themselves… there’s two of them! Well… there’s two personalities at least.

This can be positive because Geminis can see and understand both sides of an issue in disputes, but it can also be negative because it causes the Gemini to constantly fight with themself on everything from politics, to religion, to what they’re going to order off of a menu at a restaurant! (It gets very frustrating.) But only when you are aware of your issues can you address them, so come clean about your dual personality Geminis!


2. Geminis Are Great Communicators

Geminis Are Great Communicators

Geminis love to acquire information and learn. Combine that with their ability to see both sides of issues and you have someone who can talk for hours on one or two subjects, without sounding condescending, and teach everyone around them (most Geminis really like to talk too, especially when they feel like an “expert” on a subject, so this helps too.) Geminis are also blessed with a natural wit and charm, which helps balance things out if they talk a little too much.


3. Geminis Get Bored Easily

Geminis Get Bored Easily

Geminis need variety. They need to be creatively driven. They need excitment. Geminis rarely stick to one career, nor can they “settle down” in retirement. They have overactive minds, a constant stream of inspiration, and a strong innate ability to be a “Jack of all Trades.”

The bad news is, so much constant change usually doesn’t have a whole lot of security. Also, there is a possibility of becoming a “Jack of all Trades, but Master of None.” And to a Gemini, that is just NOT acceptable.


4. Geminis Are Fun Lovers

Geminis Are Fun Lovers

Because Geminis crave new and exciting things, that applies to time in the bedroom (or the bathroom, or the backseat of the car, or in a field somewhere) as well. Geminis are willing to read books, look up positions, buy toys, and put all their good knowledge to use.

They are also willing to try the unexpected as well, so the act always feels natural, not forced, even if (as it does with some Geminis) things get a little kinky. The downside to this? Geminis are often accused of being flirts or “a tease.” Many Geminis go through several lovers throughout their lives, and some Geminis (maybe more than want to admit it) cheat.


5. Geminis Are Great Friends

Geminis Are Great Friends

Geminis love learning new things. That includes things about people. What people like, what people feel, what people are thinking… Geminis want to know it all! They are great at giving advice and because they are such good communicators, they are very helpful to have around in general. Geminis love to have fun, so being their friend means that you will be having lots of fun too!

The negative side does exist though. Sometimes friends have a hard time trusting Geminis because they talk so much (but Geminis actually very rarely reveal secrets, and if they do, it is only because they believe there is good to come from it.) Another negative aspect of this Gemini trait? Well, keeping track of their ever changing wants, personality shifts, and adventures can be tiring and annoying. (But in my opinion, well worth it.)


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