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The Top Five Ways to Enjoy Fall

Ways to Enjoy Fall


1. Make a Fall Decoration

Collect autumn leaves and bring them into your home and make a homemade wreath or table decoration. You spray glitter to add a little shine to your art.


2. Take a Road Trip

Drive out of town or to the mountains and pick apples. Take a walk in the woods and view the wildlife with binoculars and take photos. When you get home make home-made apple pie with the apples and while it’s cooking, print out the photos of your trip and frame them and hang them.


3. View a Sports Event

Take the whole family to a local high school football game. Dress warm, and to make it more special bring a thermos of hot chocolate to share. Don’t forget the marshmallows.


4. Jump into the Leaves

Pile up the leaves in the yard and have the whole family take turns jumping into them. Then stuff an old shirt and pants with the leaves and make a scarecrow.


5. Visit With Friends

Bring your fire pit around to the front drive way and put chairs around it and watch your friends wander over to your house to visit. Serve hot apple cider and s’mores for the kids.

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