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The Top Five Ways to Improve Your Website

If you want don’t want to lose out on coveted search engine placement or increased visitor traffic, consider these ways to improve and enhance your website.

Improve Your Website


1. Make your home page inviting

Not only should it look good; but it should invite people to browse and visit for awhile. It absolutely MUST have information visitors are searching for, or they will leave.


2. Optimize your content for search engines

Search engines help people find you; so your content should be optimized with lots of rich keywords and good information relevant to your site’s topic.


3. Test your website frequently

It’s important to test your site every day to make sure it’s performing well. Check the links to all content as well as other pages on the site. Broken links could cost you visitors.


4. Add new content weekly

Search engine spiders and robots that “crawl” the web constantly are always on the lookout for new and fresh content; so update your site at least weekly with a new product listing, article, post or other related content.


5. Choose a backup webmaster

There should be at least one other person who can make changes to your website. Choose this person with care and give him or her different passwords and user names, but continue to maintain control over the privileges and the type of data that can be accessed.

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