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The Top Five Ways to Put the Fun Back In Your Relationship

Being a couple, married or not, takes work. Once you fall into a rut, problems can happen. Miss the way you two used to be? Here are tips to get the fun back.


1. Be Spontaneous

Break out of your normal routine. Do things you used to do when you first got together. Go out dancing or take off on a spontaneous weekend getaway.

Be Spontaneous


2. Blind Date

Agree to meet at a designate spot after work for a blind date. Make believe it is the first time and really listen and pay attention to your partner.

Blind Date


3. Try Something New

He is into sports and you are not. Go to a game together with the idea that he will try something that you enjoy. You don’t always have to be passionate about your partner’s interests but it can help to bring you closer.

Try Something New


4. Surprise Your Partner

Plan a surprise date as a gift to your partner. Think of something or someplace he/she always talks about and make it into a surprise date.

Surprise Your Partner


5. Plan For the Future

Set a goal of where you would like to be in a year or five. Talk about it and research it together. Plan to make your dream come true.

Plan For the Future


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