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Tips to Care For a New Tattoo

Whether it’s your first tattoo or one of several, each piece of artwork needs as much care as the previous to prevent infection and help keep it looking as good as it (hopefully) did when you first had it done.


Care For a New Tattoo


1. Dilute Liquid Soap

Foam up the soap by adding water and making a lather before applying to a fresh tattoo for cleaning. Straight soap might just cause a few expletives to fly from your mouth due to it’s stinging effect.


2. Adequate Drying

For a week or so, pat the skin dry over the new tattoo to avoid irritation from rubbing with a towel. No rubbing is an important rule at the point where the skin begins to itch.


3. Apply an Emollient

Keeping the skin from drying out over a newly inked area is important. Apply a lotion or cream as recommended by the tattoo artist that did the work.


4. Avoid Irritation

For a few days, avoid restrictive clothing that may bind or irritate freshly inked skin which is already irritated from the tattoo ink and needle application.


5. But It Itches!

It will likely itch like mad after the first few days. This will last up to another week or so depending on the size and intricacy of the tattoo design. Pieces of the tattoo will appear to be coming off (it’s not) as the skin exfoliates. Do not pick, peel or scratch the surface of a new tattoo to avoid creating infection or scarring to the area.


Find a reputable tattoo artist to do the work, be sober (it’s required by any reputable ink master) when you have the tattoo done and follow their instructions for aftercare.


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