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Top Five Halloween Costumes

Trends in Halloween costumes change every year but these 5 continue to be favorites every season.

Halloween Costumes


1. Vampire

The Twilight books and movies only helped to keep vampires popular especially for Halloween. Grab a cape,rubber fangs,whiten your skin to give that “pale” look, add some dark eyeliner and dress in black and you are good to go!


2. Princess

Little girls especially love to dress up and being a princess is every little girl’s dream. A pretty gown,sparkling tiara and shoes are all you need for this easy costume.


3. Zombie

Rip and shread some old clothes (maybe Dad’s flannel shirt), pour some fake blood on the clothes, add some whiteface makeup and blood around your mouth and you are a zombie!


4. Devil

A devil can be male or female, scary or sexy, depending on your age. Another easy and timeless Halloween costume. Horns,red face makeup and a cape complete the look.


5. Clown

Another costume for any age and again, it can be funny or scary. Get a crazy colored wig, a big, brightly colored costume and decide from there whether you want to be a traditional “funny” circus clown or a scary killer clown.

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