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Ways to Know He Truly Cares

Ways to Know He Truly Cares



If a guy really cares about you he will make himself available. Most people have a cell phone or land-line, some have both. There are not too many valid reasons to miss a phone call these days. It’s true that he can be away from his cell but within ten to twenty minutes he will know that you called and return your call.

A guy who really cares will give you his home, work, and mobile phone and will consistently answer when you call. You will also hear this from a guy who cares, “if you need anything, or if you need to talk, I’m here for you.” Too many excuses coupled with consistent unavailability, especially during the evening and weekend hours, means he really doesn’t care.

He is more than likely spending that time with someone else. You can dress it up however you like but it truly “is what it is.”


Above and Beyond

A guy will go above and beyond the norm when he really cares for a woman. He will offer his assistance when he senses a potentially stressful situation brewing. He will not wait for her to ask because his emotions and feelings keep him in tune with what’s going on in her life.

For this to happen however, the feelings toward one another have to be mutual. Contrary to popular opinion, guys do have an innate ability to care deeply for a woman. The problem is, most male nurturing characteristics are masked behind narcissism and lustful desires.


Talks About You

If a guy cares for a woman he will talk about her often, in a positive way of course. He speaks about her because she’s constantly on his mind. In conversations with his friends her name will be mentioned from time to time.

If he’s a consummate bachelor he’ll humorously tell his friends that he’s about to relinquish his “players card.” This will be stated in a joking manner but he’s very serious.


Thoughtful Gifts

A man’s ability to bestow gifts upon the woman he cares for is going to depend on his financial state. If he can’t afford the lavish gifts that is not a measure of his heart. The adage, “it’s the thought that counts” is applicable here. A thoughtful gift speaks volumes over one that’s an attempt to buy your affection.

You may think that lavish gifts means he cares but that is not always the case. Expensive gifts are nice but they can be the “Trojan horse” of fleshly desires. In other words, be wary of expensive gifts too early because this is often the path of least resistance and the quickest way to your heart.


True to Himself

If a guy is not true to himself he will not be true to you. Being true to oneself is keeping appointments, going to work every day, independence, and good core moral values. If these traits are not exhibited on a consistent basis, one is not true to oneself and cannot be true to another.

And please, please, do not fall for the overzealous religious overtones, the bible quotes, the numerous activities in church because this is not a true measure of his heart.


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