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Ways to Recycle Old Jeans

Sometimes it is difficult to just throw away an old pair of jeans. Even after they’ve started to fade and are ripped and torn. Instead find a few ways to recycle those old jeans and let them provide further use around the home.


Recycle Old Jeans

1. Rags

Well, the most obvious use is to rip those jeans into rags. Use the rags to clean around the house, garage, or a car.


2. Shorts

If the bottoms of the jeans are frayed, you could cut off the entire lower section of the jeans and turn them into a pair of funky fresh shorty shorts to wear around in the summer time. Buy decals to sew over any holes or rips in the upper part of the jeans.


3. Throw Pillows

Cut off the legs and upper part and make into a few unique throw pillows. Lace up the edges with a bit of vibrant colored thread. Sew on a few decals or embroider your initials on the throw pillows.


4. Purse

There are lots of great free patterns on the Internet that show you how to turn an old pair of jeans into a great purse. Download one and give it a try. This is an excellent way to recycle those jeans.


5. Quilt

This might require several or more pairs of discarded jeans. Take the jeans and cut them into equal 5 by 5 inch squares and sew them together to form a quilt for a child’s bed or baby crib. This is a great project for all those crafter who also like to recycle.


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