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Ways to Show Support to an Unemployed Spouse

Many Americans are out of a job right now and it can really put some people into a depression. Here are some tips to show your spouse they are still important without a job.

It can be tough on someone’s ego when they can’t find a job. There are ways to encourage your spouse and make them feel wanted during this time of unemployment.


Unemployed Spouse


Make Home Cooked Meals

Making meals at home not only saves money, but cooking together is a great way to bring couples together. If you cook dinner at home your spouse will feel happy.


Make Compliments to Your Spouse on a Daily Basis

Everyone likes to hear compliments and it’s important to give compliments during this tough time. Telling your spouse things you like about him/her will help boost their self esteem.


Check In With Your Spouse Throughout the Day

When you are at work and your spouse is at home, it can get lonely for him/her at home. Make a point to call a couple times a day to just say hi and just say I love you. They will look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your call.


Try to Cut some Little Costs from the Monthly Budget

Do you get your weekly manicure? Do you golf on a weekly basis? Try to find a few things you can cut from your monthly budget to save some money for the family.


Encourage Your Spouse to Find a New Job

It is very discouraging to find a job in today’s job market. Be sure to tell your spouse that they are very intelligent and deserve the job they are applying for. Little notes to wish them luck on the upcoming interview also make them feel happy.


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