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How to Overcome Awkwardness

Awkwardness can make you feel so uncomfortable in any social situation that you feel out of place and want to withdraw from the group. Some people who feel socially awkward obsess about the impression that they are making during social events.

It may be hard to find the courage to talk during these times because you may feel insecure and timid before and during interactions. Fortunately there are many tips that can help you overcome these feelings of anxiety.


5 Steps to Overcome Awkwardness

Overcome Awkwardness

1. Smile

Smile at anyone that you see. Think of a memory or an activity that makes you happy. Practice smiling in public places that made you feel uneasy before such as a mall, grocery store or your place of employment.


2. Practice conversation skills with strangers.

Talk to people while you wait in line at a bus stop, coffee shop or at the grocery store. Take advantage of any opportunity to make polite conversation with anyone that is standing beside you.

Don’t be afraid because the worse thing that can happen is that the conversation becomes awkward. If the conversation doesn’t go as planned, don’t overanalyze it. Think of it as practice and move on to the next person.


3. Gather up the courage to maintain eye contact when that person is speaking to you or while you are speaking.

Making eye contact with someone shows that you are genuinely interested in the things that they have to say. People that feel awkward often look away because they feel anxious but to others it indicates disinterest and is considered rude.


4. Invite someone that you know such as a friend or a loved one to share a dinner with you.

Try out the conversation skills that you have learned by talking to strangers. Try talking about the food or favorite restaurants with your dinner companion. Try to relax and allow the conversation to flow naturally. Don’t obsess over the things that you are going to say next.


5. Ask questions during dinner. It is common to feel uneasy and unsure of the topics that you should talk about.

Don’t stress about it. Just ask the person things that you would like to know about them. Ask questions about the person’s favorite hobbies, favorite books, favorite movie and favorite songs. Try not to focus on irrational and negative thoughts that fuel anxiety. Stay in the moment and concentrate on the information that you are learning from this person.


Tips & Warnings
You are not alone. Most of us can relate because we all feel socially awkward during certain times in our life. Embrace your awkwardness. Laugh about the moments that were a complete disaster. Don’t take yourself so seriously.


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