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The Best Dog Breeds to Run With

Having a dog for a running partner offers you companionship and a bit of protection and it's good for your pup. The best dog breed to run with depends on the type of running you do. Some dogs, such as German shorthaired pointers, are…

The Best Dog Breeds for Walking

Walking the dog is viewed as a fundamental component of dog ownership, making it easy to overlook the fact that not all dogs serve as the best walking companions. Large, active breeds often need to run to relieve their energy; small,…

The Best Dog Breeds for Families

When choosing a family dog, the first thing you should consider is whether or not the breed of dog is good with children. Several dog breeds are considered to be good with children. Once you know which dog breeds are good with children,…

Lab Puppy Growth

The family-friendly Labrador retriever is great with children and loves to play. Labs are a fast-growing breed and need proper nutrition to support their growth. The American Kennel Club standards indicate an…

Development of a Labrador Puppy

Labrador retrievers need plenty of exercise and are a great breed for an active family. The development of a Labrador retriever puppy spans until the dog reaches the maturing stage at 1 year. Many new Labrador retriever owners who bring…
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