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What are Boxer Dog Allergies?

Allergies are common with boxers. This dog breed is often plagued with both external and internal allergies. Knowing what they are and how to treat them will keep your boxer happy and healthy.


What are Boxer Dog Allergies



Many dog breeds develop flea allergies. The dogs become allergic to flea saliva, which causes them to itch. Treat your dog with flea medication and use a flea bomb in your home to remove them. Soothing creams and medication can help your boxer feel better.



Boxers may develop a sensitivity to chemicals used to clean your carpet, the shampoo you use on them, or any other chemical. Once you determine the cause, don’t use it any more. Prescription medications may be necessary.



Some boxers become sensitive to an ingredient in their dog food. Avoid foods with high grain content, since boxers seem to be especially sensitive to grains. Once you determine which ingredient is the culprit, find another food that does not contain it.


Pollen and Dust

Seasonal allergies to pollen, trees, weeds and dust mites can affect dogs just like they do humans. Eliminate dust mites by washing everything. Pollen allergy may need treatment from the vet so the dog can breathe easier.



If you smoke, your dog can become allergic to the smoke from cigarettes and cigars. If you don’t want to quit, make sure you smoke away from your pet. Outdoors is best, since smoke inside the house can permeate the entire house.


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