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Detailed information, how to guides, research and tips about relationships.

Tips on Dating Profiles

Online dating can be a daunting activity. In fact, it's a bit like looking through a catalogue of similarly single people to find someone you think you might click with. Most online dating websites also require you to make a profile, upping…

How to Respond to Personals

Dating through the use of personal ads is a popular means of looking for companionship and love. Usually these personals are found online, though a small percentage are also placed in newspapers and magazines. If you are considering…

Dating Service Ideas

It can sometimes be difficult to meet a love interest or even potential love interest, particularly if you are an adult whose life consists mostly of going to work and coming home in the evenings. Dating services connect you with…

Guide to Dating Sites

The prevalence of online dating websites has skyrocketed since the 1990s; it is now common to hear of couples who have met via online dating site. When using a dating site, there are a few guidelines you should follow such as answering…
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