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Guide to Dating Sites

The prevalence of online dating websites has skyrocketed since the 1990s; it is now common to hear of couples who have met via online dating site.

When using a dating site, there are a few guidelines you should follow such as answering your questions and filling out your profile as honestly as you can. You should also consider the different types of websites (free and paid) to find out what website fits your needs.


Personality Questions

Many dating websites will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your likes and dislikes to help get to know you better. For some dating websites, such as eHarmony, this questionnaire is a key element to helping you find the perfect match.

Once you have filled out the questions, you will be put in contact with people with similar interests and personalities. It is important that you answer the questions as honestly as possible; failure to do so can result in you being matched up with people with whom you are not compatible.


Guide to Dating Sites


Profile and Photo

When you sign up for an online dating website, you will have to create a short profile. On your profile, you should list honest facts about your appearance, interests and the type of people to whom you are attracted. One key element of your profile is your main picture.

Because Internet dating can be a little scary (you don’t really know who you are talking to) many people will only look at profiles that have photos. Adding a photograph to your profile can increase the amount of responses you get.


Paid Versus Free Websites

There are thousands of dating websites available on the Internet, some which are paid and some which are free. The type of site you should sign up for depends on how serious you are about finding a long term, committed relationship. Paid websites often require more information about yourself because they will provide you with the best possible matches.

These websites tend to be more for people looking for serious commitment. Free websites can still yield great results for those looking for commitment, but they also have personals for those looking for a short term fling.


Safety Online

One of the key components to think about when using an online dating service is safety. You never really know who you are talking to. When you arrange to meet your date in a real-life setting, make sure you choose a public location and that you have arranged transportation if the encounter goes awry.

Never give out money online, or give out personal information such as your social security number. Although someone might profess their love for you online, you can never truly trust them until you have developed a relationship with them in person.


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