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How to End a Relationship With a Capricorn

Ending a relationship with a Capricorn can go nicely, because Capricorns tend to be forgiving. It might break their heart for some time and make them tremble a bit. But they won’t bring you down off the pedestal they placed you on in the beginning. Here are some ways you can end a relationship with a Capricorn.


Ways to Break Up with a Capricorn

Relationship With a Capricorn


Be Honest

Lying, betraying or gossiping behind their back does not work. These actions are things that Capricorn cannot forgive. Like an elephant, they never forget.


Be open

Be straightforward with a Capricorn. Lay it all on the table and give them some respect as you politely tell them it isn’t going to work between you.


Keep clean when explaining things

Try not to bring up past pains, problems or issues. Capricorn can end up being a friend for life after a breakup, so be kind when doing so.


Take responsibility for your share of the relationship

Say that it is not working for you and you do not want to hurt them in any way because you think they are special.


Do it with sweetness

Capricorns will forgive in time. They may not forget, but they forgive. The sweeter you are, the better they will be when they see you months after the break up.


Tips & Warnings
Do NOT lie, gossip or betray a Capricorn. They will wait their whole lives until they have vengeance.


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