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How to Talk to Girls on the Internet

If you’re looking to meet girls on the Internet, no matter if you’re just making new friends or looking for a lasting relationship, you’ll need to know how to speak to them. Since you don’t have face-to-face contact to assist you in how you inflect your words and emotions, tread lightly so you are approachable, not offensive.


Talking with Girls on the Internet

How to Talk to Girls on the Internet


Find Girls Online Using a Variety of Methods

Start by creating accounts at a few places such as Yahoo Instant Messenger, Facebook and online dating sites. You can visit websites, such as Chatterhead, where you can search through a series of chat rooms based on your hobbies and interests.


Decide Your Purpose for Chatting With Girls Online

If you’re just looking for a girl with whom to chat or a virtual friend, consider sites with chat rooms so that you can find a long-distance chat buddy. If you’re looking for someone to date, you’d best be served at an online dating site, which is specifically made for individuals looking for dates. Choose your direction so you can craft your approach properly.


Be Nice When You Log On

There’s not much difference from girls online than those you may meet in public. Consider the ways in which you would approach a girl if you were at the mall or on a school campus. Ask her information about herself, like her hobbies and interests, and let your intention be known.

Tell her that you’re new online and trying things out. Let her know if you’re online to seek out a friendship or a deeper relationship.


Avoid Asking Too Much Personal Information About Her

Rid conversations of rude, offensive topics. If you’re looking for a bonafide conversationalist, chat about neutral topics that will put her at ease and encourage her to ask you about yourself.


Read Over Your Messages Before you Send Them

If you’re a slow typist, let her know so she doesn’t have to wait for your response forever. Avoid the overuse of slang, acronyms and emoticons. Remember that what you send is a reflection of your personality.


Tell the Truth while You’re Communicating

You don’t have to tell her your address and social security number, but you should be truthful about your basic hobbies and interests. Avoid telling her what you think she wants to hear just for the sake of having someone with whom to converse


Give Her Time to Decide if she Wants to Continue Talking with You

Not everyone will be a “home run” when you’re approaching them. Be patient as you’re meeting new people so that you’re not easily disappointed when a girl doesn’t reciprocate your interest. Never become mean and belligerent to her if she rejects your requests to communicate.



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