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Where Can I Have a Virtual Mate?

Modern life is becoming increasingly busy and many people are turning to the internet to socialize with virtual friends and partners. If you want to do that, you need to know about different types of virtual mates, and where to find them.

Have a Virtual Mate


Virtual Girlfriends

Virtual girlfriends are now available with artificial intelligence for lifelike relationships. As of December 2020 you could go to the Karigirl website and download Kari, a virtual girlfriend who remembers everything you tell her, for $24. You can also purchase supplementary packs with different girls and scenes for $9.


Virtual Boyfriends

Sergio is the male counterpart to Kari. He’s a virtual boyfriend who can interact with and learn from you. He costs the same as Kari but as of December 2020, there were no supplementary packs.


Virtual Friends or Girlfriends in a Game

Although you can use Kari and Sergio as friends as well as romantic partners, there are other options. “My Virtual Girlfriend” is a game for your iPhone. As of December 2020, it costs $2.99 and is designed for lighthearted entertainment, rather than romance.

Alexandria HD is now available for the iPad. She will read your horoscope and tell you the weather for $1.99!


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