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How to Release the Power of Attorney

Power of attorney (POA) is the legal right to act on someone else's behalf. A POA agreement is popular for active-duty military, the elderly, or anyone who needs a second party to act on his behalf in certain situations. Whether the…

How to Assign Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a legal agreement that allows someone else to act in your behalf for legal or financial matters. Unlike other legal relationships, such as a conservatorship, giving someone power of attorney does not supersede your…

Probate Trust Laws

Probate laws govern the procedures for distributing property according to a will, while trust laws allow for the creation of legal relationships that help avoid probate. Both are state laws. Probate When a person…

How to Fill Out a Power of Attorney

Preparing and executing a power of attorney is serious business. A power of attorney allows you to designate to another trusted individual the ability to make decisions for you in regard to financial or health-related matters. Under the…
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