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How to Attract a Girl on the Net

As of 2020, Internet dating has come a long way from the anonymous chat rooms of the late 1990s, with plenty of hip, young dating sites popping up online everyday. You can meet a wide variety of girls online, depending on what type of website you choose, but approaching them can be kind of tricky.

Girls are often very hesitant about internet dating, and rightfully so with the dangers and risks of dating today. If you want to attract a girl on the net, you need to be upfront, honest and not too aggressive or personal.


Ways to Attract a Girl on the Net

Attract a Girl on the Net


Be honest about who you are and what you do. The number one thing that turns girls off about guys on the Internet is lying. It’s easy to fabricate online if you want to impress a girl; she obviously doesn’t know any of your friends and family–but if your goal is to eventually meet, honesty is the best policy.

Send or post a recent photo of yourself that accurately represents what you look like. One of the biggest drawbacks of online dating is not being able to see the person. If you send a girl a photo that isn’t you or misrepresents what you look like, she will probably have a very negative reaction when she meets you in person.

Try instant messaging to get to know her better, before talking on the phone. Asking for her phone number too soon may freak her out, whereas instant messaging allows you to have a conversation without giving out too much personal information.

Don’t be creepy or weird. Most women are conscious and aware of the realities and dangers of dating online and will therefore be more inclined to take precautions than if you had been introduced by a friend. Asking women where they live, giving too much information too fast, being sexually aggressive and other creepy behavior will set off any woman’s red flag alert. To avoid being mistaken for a creep or pervert, keep it clean, nice and not too personal.

Suggest a coffee in public if you think she may want to meet. Any sane woman would never come over to your house without knowing you, so there is really no point in asking. If you get to the point where you think she may want to meet, ask her for something low-key and short, such as coffee or a drink. Suggest a public area with plenty of people so that she feels safe meeting you.


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