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How to Search for Free Dating Sites

The Internet is full of dating websites that claim to be free. Many of the dating sites you find in a search that claim to be free really aren’t. Others offer free trials. Some of the websites you encounter in a search for free dating websites can be offensive.

If you search carefully and know what to look for, it is possible to find a free online dating website that’s reputable and can offer you the chance to find the love of your life.


3 Steps to Search for Free Dating Sites

Search for Free Dating Sites


1. Search carefully.

Search terms that will bring up dating sites include “free dating services,” “online dating,” and “free dating websites.” Not all of the results these search terms bring up will be what you’re looking for.


2. Visit a selection of the websites returned in your search results.

Read the terms of service for each website when possible. In many cases, you will need to register with the website before you can thoroughly investigate. Look for catches. Avoid websites that ask for your credit card information, stating that they won’t use it.

These websites typically allow you a free try of the service for a specified period of time and then begin billing your card unless you cancel before the end of the trial period.


3. Bookmark the dating websites that meet your criteria of being free.

If you can create an account, browse through possible matches, contact them and don’t need to use credit card information to register, the website is truly free. There are several dating websites that meet this criteria.


Tips & Warnings

There are dating websites that offer other services for a membership fee but still qualify as free because the basic features are available at no charge. You may still want to consider using these websites in your date search.


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