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Romantic Ideas for My Long Distance Boyfriend

Contrary to popular belief, long distance relationships are not doomed. According to Gregory Guldner, M.D., who wrote “Long Distance Relationships: The Complete Guide,” 40 percent of relationships eventually break up, regardless if they are long distance or geographically close.

Couples in long distance relationships often need to be creative to find ways to keep the romance alive, though. The rewards of working on the relationship can be well worth the effort.


Snail Mail

Keep the postal workers busy by sending romantic tokens to your boyfriend through the mail. These should be sentimental tokens of your love and a way to show him you are thinking of him. Send something small you saw at a flea market that reminded you of him, a scarf or a hat.

Send a mix CD you made for him, or a love letter. Send a puzzle you made from a picture of you. Make a silly video and send it to him.


Romantic Ideas for My Long Distance



Strengthen your relationship with frequent emails telling him how much you care about him . Make a silly poem for him, or send an e-card. Tell him the things you like about his personality. Design a web page just about him. Write about the things you’ve done together and include pictures of the two of you together.


Movie Date

Have a weekly phone or web cam date where you both watch the same movie together. Talk and laugh on the phone or web cam during the movie. Having a shared experience brings you closer and gives you something additional to talk about.



Have a surprise dinner delivered to his house by a local restaurant. Call him that day and ask what his plans are to be certain he will be home that night. When the food is delivered, you can both have dinner together on the web cam or phone.


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