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Risk of Online Relationships

While some online dating has led to lasting marriages and relationships, there is still a risk of using the Internet as a place to meet and date people.

It is very hard to learn important facts about a person over the Internet, such as marital status, criminal background and other personal characteristics.

Risk of Online Relationships



The identity of a person online is always questionable, as are the photos a person uploads on his profile. A man could give a false name, or even pretend photos of another man are of his.


Family Status

With online dating, an individual could have her relationship status set as single with no kids, but she may very well have children and be married.



Some individuals online are rapists, child molesters or murderers or are involved in other types of criminal activity. Always meet in a public place, and never give out a home address, bank account number or any other identifying information.



If a person uses a public computer, it can be hard for authorities to locate the individual, because the computer or Internet service is not registered in her name.



If the woman in the online relationship seems weird or untruthful, a man should seize further communication with her.


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