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Tips on Dating Profiles

Online dating can be a daunting activity. In fact, it’s a bit like looking through a catalogue of similarly single people to find someone you think you might click with. Most online dating websites also require you to make a profile, upping the pressure for you to look “good enough” to catch someone’s eye.

However, there are ways you can go about making your profile appealing and avoid common mistakes.


Avoid Cliches

Many people use cliche phrases to describe themselves, such as stating that they are honest, open, good or funny. Avoid speaking in generalities about your personality and your profile will instantly go from cliche to something that might catch the eye of a special someone.

Relationship coach Evan Marc Katz also suggests avoiding cliche phrases, like “I’m looking for my best friend and partner in crime.


Tips on Dating Profiles


List Your Accomplishments Without Going Overboard

Let people know what you’ve done with your life and where you’re planning to go. This will attract the kind of people who are looking for someone with a lifestyle similar to yours.

However, don’t go overboard. It’s fine to list a couple of past jobs, but going on and on about how great you are at something or listing scores or awards that you’ve won can make you seem a little bit self-absorbed. Keep a happy medium.



“Huffington Post” used OkCupid’s profile analytics to come up with some interesting information on trends with online dating and profile pictures.

The data found that self-shot photographs at an angle are the most successful photos for women. Photos showing you doing an activity that you love can also up your chances of getting responses, the study found.


Skip the Negativity

Moping and whining about past relationships typically turn people off in “real life,” so it’s no surprise people will be turned off online as well. If you make a list of things you don’t want, you’ll risk sounding bitter and angry. Instead, make your profile fun and upbeat.

For those who have a list of things they want and don’t want in a partner, focus on writing down what it is you want. A little positivity can go a long way.


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