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Difference Between English & American Bulldog

The bulldog is one breed recognized by the American Kennel Club. They are good guard dogs and were once bred as fighters, but now bulldogs are raised for show or as a family pet.


Difference Between English & American Bulldog


Physical Characteristics – English Bulldog

English bulldogs are short and wide set with stubby legs and large heads. The skin is loose against their bones. They have flat, black noses with a wide muzzle. They have deep, black eyes and small floppy ears on top of their heads.


English Bulldog Personality

English bulldogs are gentle dogs who like children. They’re stubborn, but very affectionate and attention loving. They tend to drool, and snore loudly.


Physical Characteristics – American Bulldog

American bulldogs have longer legs and are taller, with a slightly longer muzzle. Skin type and hair length is similar as English bulldogs, as both have short, prickly hair and are colored white or with color on up to 80 percent of their bodies.


American Bulldog Personality

American bulldogs are excited and alert. They are confident and friendly, with occasional jealous streaks toward their masters. They share many of the personality characteristics of their English cousins.


Fun Facts

Some people may recognize English bulldogs from the movies. Adam Sandler’s movies often feature his English bulldog, Meatball, and “Men in Black” had a sarcastic talking bulldog named Frank.


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