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Lab Puppy Growth

The family-friendly Labrador retriever is great with children and loves to play. Labs are a fast-growing breed and need proper nutrition to support their growth.


Lab Puppy Growth


The American Kennel Club standards indicate an adult male will weigh between 65-80 pounds and an adult female will weigh between 55-70 pounds but this is for show dogs. Nonshow dogs may be considerably bigger and heavier.

Proper growth is maintained through proper diet. A Lab puppy should be fed small amounts two to three times a day of puppy food made for large breeds. Typically, Lab puppies will gain about 2 pounds a week until they are about 26 weeks old. At 8 weeks old, Labs generally weigh about 10 pounds and by 7 months old, they reach about 50 pounds.

Labrador puppies grow very fast and, as a breed, are subject to hip dysplasia, which is a debilitating disease and causes joint problems. With a tendency to become obese, Labs should have a carefully controlled diet and be kept active.


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